Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Paw and Pendant

I think this long holiday weekend I'm going to revisit my first love of sculpting. I have so many projects and ideas built up for sculpting and I'll have a long four day weekend to play around hopefully.

Hope everyone has a safe and fabulous 4th of July!


PhDCow said...

Well, isn't that just the cutest picture!

kleinwort said...

Hey gal,

Does the paw (and what's attached to it) come with the pendant??

Very cute!


MisfitGirl said...

We could possibly work a deal.

kleinwort said...

LOL... just saw the Sydney littermate post and immediately thought about this exchange!

Did you see Laurie's post on her cards? She took a page from your book on donating!! Now I've GOT to find that password or break down and write for a new one!


MisfitGirl said...

Oh I saw her cards but must have not read far enough about the donation!