Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going Once, Going Twice

I don't know if I have any fellow Buffy fans who read my blog but I thought I'd share some Ebay listings I'm putting up, there will be more added as I get around to taking pictures. I may have some non related Buffy items too, as umm I have a wee problem with buying collectibles.

I have WAY too many collectibles to ever display and appear normal ;-) So I'm doing some de-stashing to whittle down my collection.

Please visit if you are interested Ebay Auctions

Oh and to note that adult item is not a pervy porno tape, we'll it's a little pervy ... it's the 1997 Brad Pitt Playgirl magazine that was jerked off the shelves after a court order. One of my adorable gay friends bought it for me, so I thought I would pass it along to another Brad fan.

Quite a Pickle

I'm making some new pendants for my Etsy store with ornate frames, I just love the vintage look and think they will go perfectly with all my Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

I've protected the back with several layers of acrylic gloss and a dimensional gloss, but what do do about the front? I tried using the dimensional gloss for the front, no go as the paper needs more support in the back. On some of the sizes I can attach a thin piece of glass or acrylic to the back, but for the other unusual sizes I don't have the pieces to match.

I am thinking of trying resin, I normally avoid it since you have to mix it perfectly and almost don a hazmat suit to use. I'm going to try it on the front first and see if that provides enough hardness and support, if it doesn't I'll try a thin layer on the back too. I probably will end up resining (is that a word?) my fingers. Wonder if that would sell on Etsy?

Here are the before, and I'll post the afters soon. It's the pouring of the resin I'm nervous about it's a thick consistency so I hope I can have enough control to place it just inside the frames.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inky Fingers

I am messy.

My fingers, hands and nails seem to be permanently stained with some sort of ink, dye or pigment 24/7. I do figure one of these days I will be interviewing for a new job and hate to go in looking like I finger paint all day.

Any recommendations for a product that's a good removal for umm crap all over your hands?

It's especially annoying under my nails, which suffer anyway from all the picking and scraping I seem to do with them in my crafting. So not only do they turn scraggly but scraggly stained. Lovely.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Work Space

After spending the week de-trashing and de-hoarding my cousin's garage, I finally have a new work table. I've been working off a folding table for years, that banged against the wall if I made the tiniest of movements on it. Banging on walls = weenie dog barking her fool head off. Which leads to much shouting of STOP BARKING!

The most exciting thing? DRAWERS! I can now put all the things that cluttered up the top of my work table into drawers. Which may of course mean I need to buy much more stuff.

The only thing I don't like is the sitting area is a bit narrow, I tend to cross my legs and put them up on my chair when I work and that doesn't quite work with this desk. But I'll learn to live with it cause ummm drawers!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Christi Friesen Projects

I'm in the midst of going through my collectibles, deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to trash blah blah.

I found packed away the very first CF sculptures I did, I have all her books and just adore them but never seem to find the time to sit down and do more. Her new steampunk book is especially fun, and I must take time to make one of the pieces.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glittery Goodness

Drop by Spun by Me for a chance to win in the Glittery Giveaway!

1000th Sale



I've just reached a great milestone in my store and sold my 1000th item. Never when I started this little side adventure did I imagine I could sell a thousand items, what a blessing. To thank all my customers who have bought from me and those that have spread the word about my store. I'd like to offer you a special treat.

From March 10th thru March 20th I'll be offering a buy one get one free pendant sale. That's right no twofer for a free pendant this time, just one pendant purchase gets you one free.

Please do not add the free pendant to your cart, during checkout in the "message to seller" box just tell me the name of the pendant you'd like for free.

The free pendant must be of lesser or equal value.
Clearance lots and sets are not eligible for this offer.

Thank you again and I have enjoyed every minute of growing and creating as an artist.

Monday, March 8, 2010

"A Compendium of Curiosities" by Tim Holtz

Just received mine in the mail last week. I am such a fan of Tim; I'm always in awe of his creations and his seemingly limitless ideas. The book is divided into five sections, and comes in a nice spiral bound style that will lay flat on your work table.

Tools: Covers the line of tools offered by Ranger and Tim, pretty much all the standard items we either own or covet.

Ideas: Gets a little bit more in depth about Tim's line both new and old, and offers some suggestions on what you can use them for. Not my favorite part of the book, one page per item with a small pictures included for the project ideas.

Techniques: Now this was my pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow. It covers pretty much every technique Tim has compiled over the years, with simple instructions and pictures. I would have much preferred more of this section than the "Ideas" one.

Gallery: Your standard photo gallery showing off some of the techniques and findings used in the book.

Suppliers: A small list of the manufactures of the products but it does not include any independent stores that sell the products online or in brick and mortar stores. So meh, not so helpful.

Tim also added a little page for "Notes to Self" but just one page, a few more pages of these cute pages would have been nice.

Overall I pretty much love everything Tim produces and this book is no exception, I've already been playing around with the alcohol inks on some ornate metal frames I have.
Fun and messy, the best combination for creating.

I found mine here with the cheapest price and affordable shipping.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Evil Queen is here

I am Lisa. I collect premium statues cherished in the geeky community, think of the show The Big Bang Theory :-). Well the most beautiful of them all arrived today so I had to share, she is exquisite. This is the exclusive edition limited to 300 worldwide, my girl is 248. I fully expect all these acquisitions to finance my retirement.