Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Finale Tonight

Writing this thru my tears of utter depression that my favorite show is coming to an end, I'm offering a special to those who read my blog.

Get free shipping on any of my Lost pendants thru May 28th.

Just mention that you saw the offer here in my blog in the Comments to Seller section when you checkout, and all shipping charges will be refunded.

Sniff. Goodbye Lost.

Where to take that picture?

I am forever wandering around trying to find the best place to take pictures, forever buying paper for backgrounds or looking for some surface around my house. It's exhausting people.

I have discovered of all places ... the bathroom.

The bathroom floor to be more exact, found some non-detracting paper and WALLAH* perfect pictures.

I also upgraded my old Canon Powershot to a new one, which is working just dandy and it's a lovely chocolate brown. I believe I'm just going to smack my old one up on Ebay to sale.

* for those not in on the WALLAH joke ... Normally one would say VOILA! but a forum I'm a member of people are constantly misspelling things and they seem to work their way into my everyday speech from mocking them so. Hence the story of WALLAH!