Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RIP in Andy 1975-2009

I was shocked to hear that Andy Hallett had died of heart failure on March 29, at the tragically young age of 33. Andy played the part of Lorne on 76 episodes of Angel for 4 years. His onscreen prescense just gave you a fuzzy warm feeling. His character was tender, kind and sarcastically witty.

And in real life he was much the same. After meeting him several times in person I can tell you he was such a pleasure to talk to and had a plethora of funny stories to relate to his fans. You have not laughed until you heard Andy tell the school bus story. Without fail, everytime I saw him he would exclaim "Love your hair!", he was just a joy in person.

He may not have been a well known actor but to his legion of fans, he was a shining star. While Angel was his very first acting role, you never would have known. Even though he was cast as a demon he never made Lorne feel anything less than human.

After losing his battle with heart disease, I am saddened to think I will never have the chance again to laugh so hard I cry at one of Andy's wonderful stories. I'm also saddened that he will never have the chance to tell us any new ones. Thank you for everything Andy, I will miss you so.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peachsicle Owl Giveaway * Ends April 10th

This adorable little fellow is up for grabs.

To enter just take a visit to my store and leave a comment here about a piece you like or even a piece you'd like to see! Giveaway ends April 10th. Please make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you via email or your entry will be disqualified. Good luck.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Enough of that!

I have neglected my original love with polymer clay, sculpting. This will make many of you laugh (and I don't blame you) but I discovered polymer clay thru customizing Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures. You may suspect I am a 13 year old boy, but fear not I am a silly girl with a Buffy fetish.

Anyway with that background covered it is my ambition this weekend to complete a couple of sculptures. First up is the adorably funny (and as one of my friends calls it; the Stephen King, Rabbit of the Corn) bunny. This little fellow is offered by Christi Friesen thru an online tutorial here.

Meet Fuzzbun

I also have stashed somewhere on my hard drive a picture of a zombie bunny, I wish I knew who the original artist was so I could give them credit after I make mine. Perhaps when I finish someone will recognize him (her? I am not sure of the sex of my zombie bunny yet) and point me to the talented sculptor.

And the winner is ....

Congrats Angie! Please get in touch with me, I left you a note on your blog with the info.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Verizon Fios

I do hate you so. Roommate decided she was switching cable companies, alright that's a tad annoying because I have to reprogram eleventy billion series recordings but hey that multi room dvr sounds cool! What is a multi room dvr you ask? Well you can watch any of your recorded programs from any tv in the house. Yay?!

Yea not really.

There is a "mother ship" dvr and then the rest of the tvs are set up on satellite boxes.

You cannot pause live tv on the satellite boxes. I almost fainted when I discovered this. Not pause live tv? I try and pause the radio sometimes because I'm so used pausing what I listen to on the tv.

So all done watching that recorded program? Well you should delete it then. Which requires you to get out of bed, go into living room where the main hub is and delete it there.

Say that looks like a good series, I'll set it to record. Oh no you shan't ma'am! Get your ass up because you can't set recordings on satellite boxes.

Who the hell came up with this nutty system? Hate.it.

So now I'll need to order 2 dvrs again so I can go back to my exact same setup, oh yeah and you'll need to set up your recordings again too, twice.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cats, Witches and Flying Monkeys

That crazy cat lady title might just be sticking, I bought the most adorable little funky/retro cat stamps to use for my distressed pendants, can't wait to show them off.

On another note for those of you who may not know I, Lisa, am a collector of all things creepy and sometimes not so creepy. Where I live now I don't have room to display everything, so here and there things trickle out.

So far I've just let some of my Buffy the Vampire Slayers statues see the light of day, picture of those below. And a zombie, shhhhh. And I just ran across some busts I must have that Gentle Giant is producing.

I am so tickled with this Flying Monkey I can't hardly stand it. Just a sidenote, on the back of my Ipod is engraved "don't make me call my flying monkeys". So really how could I not get this.

And Buffy(s) and Willow. Love this style so.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will she make it?

I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator, now it has come back to bite me in the ass. I have just been informed that we are switching our cable service to FIOS and I have till Monday to watch, oh I don't know, approximately eleventy gajillion hours of programs on my dvr. I am in full panic mode to get it done.

I also made myself a list of all the programs I record so that I can transfer to the new dvr.

Let me share.

Dog Whisperer
Big Love
True Blood
Life on Mars (soon to be canceled)
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
America's Next Top Model (my most shameful admission)
Nip Tuck
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
New Adventures of Old Christine
American Dad
Family Guy
South Park
King of the Hill
Ugly Betty
48 Hours Mystery
Judge Judy

Anyone see a problem?

Rescue Me
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Daily Show

Really and I complain there aren't enough good shows on tv these days. Smack me if you hear that again from my lips.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Penny Dreadful

It's not Halloween, but I love her still the same.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Frick and Frack

They just make me laugh when I see them together, hee, they are about the same size. They are a little more adventurous in their play now, there is actual touching. Jessie darts in and out like a snake striking, she just noms Gomez. And the most hilarious thing is Gomez just lays there, I think it feels good and it's a wee mini massage for him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I believe this look says it all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

At last we meet

.. and you kinda smell funny.

Jessie and Gomez meet, they are quite hilarious to watch together. Jessie is trying her best to convince Gomez to play. I have some videos I'll have to upload later.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Giveaway Ends 3/28/09

This month's giveaway is for one of my newest creations, this charming distressed pendant featuring a colorful retro tree.

With a lovely silver plated bail, it measures appx 2 x 3 inches.

Please just leave a comment on this post to enter.
Be sure and leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

Ends March 28th