Friday, August 8, 2008

Do You Like Green Eggs and a New Gingham Collar?

I would not like them here or there.

I would not like them anywhere.

Oh how he hates it. He has been flipping in the air, trilling and chirping since I put it on him and has succeeded twice in getting it off.


Jane said...

Oh Sydney, how you have grown! How handsome you are! I agree about the collar, surely a beautiful green would compliment your gorgeous gingeryness better than red?

MisfitGirl said...

Dear Aunt Jane,

You will be pleased to note that after 6 successful attempts at removing atrocious collar my human gave up. She then deemed to torture the one she calls Desi and put it on him.

Sidney 1
Human 0

kleinwort said...

LOL on that exchange!

LOVE the first pic! What personaltiy! Somehow I see someone swiping and captioning it for ICHC!

And, as jane said, wow! Have you ever grown, Sydney!

Jane said...

Dear Sydney,

Sometimes it takes humans a very long time to "get it". Humans are a little slow and you do need to make allowances. I'm sure that the red collar will look simply stunning on Desi, for at least a few minutes*

*or seconds ;)

MisfitGirl said...

Hey Lisa,

I sent you a couple of Etsy convos, your package got returned to me! Let me know what I should do.

kleinwort said...

Oh dear! I have a PO Box (I intended it just for bills and stuff... the forwarding is long over) and for some reason, USPS sometimes will deliver to my home address, sometimes they won't.

Try PO Box 28344, Baltimore, MD 21234.

Sorry for the incovenience, Lisa!

MisfitGirl said...

Sorry for the late response sweets! I'll get it packaged up and out!