Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Jungle Gym

Oh dear I must apologize for my long absence, many many important things came up *cough* Sims 3 was released *cough*

So I spied this interesting contraption at Target yesterday.

I expect all things to be destroyed by Gomez within a week, so at $25 I could live with the eventual destruction

It takes awhile to put together, but it's not complicated.
Gomez was a bit anxious and had some issues with waiting till I was finished.

And TADA the finished product

Now it's a given Gomez would love this, but much to my surprise Sidney took quite a shine to it.

Testing out that weight limit

Long gone is his girlish figure


Gomez awakens the demon

The vamp teeth come out



kleinwort said...

OMG! This is awesome! Beats the heck out of the triangular thingy for not much more. Target here I come! [Stop woman... you're spending too much on the cats as it is.]

But... but... but... WANT!!! [Grow up already!]

But... but... but... she has one!!! [Just 'cause the nice other Lisa has one doesn't mean you need one, too.]

But... but... but... this is great for ADULT kittehs!!! Just look at what fun her feline overlords are having!!! [Your furry friends have plenty of toys.]

And what great pictures she got of them on it!!! [*ding* Argument deemed acceptable. Purchase authorized.]

MisfitGirl said...


Please send me some pics if you decided to get one!

kleinwort said...

Haven't gotten to Target yet... soon, soon!