Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where to take that picture?

I am forever wandering around trying to find the best place to take pictures, forever buying paper for backgrounds or looking for some surface around my house. It's exhausting people.

I have discovered of all places ... the bathroom.

The bathroom floor to be more exact, found some non-detracting paper and WALLAH* perfect pictures.

I also upgraded my old Canon Powershot to a new one, which is working just dandy and it's a lovely chocolate brown. I believe I'm just going to smack my old one up on Ebay to sale.

* for those not in on the WALLAH joke ... Normally one would say VOILA! but a forum I'm a member of people are constantly misspelling things and they seem to work their way into my everyday speech from mocking them so. Hence the story of WALLAH!


Hopemore Studio said...

Ugh, taking pictures of jewelry is the bane of my existence and probably why I so rarely get anything on Etsy.

I have to use a homemade light box because the workroom is in the basement AND the only time it seems I get to take pictures is at 10pm. (why is that?)

I hope you like your new camera, do you find yourself carrying the manual around for the first few months until you can remember what all those buttons do....or is it just me???


lauriec said...

"Mineswell" use "wallah"!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL! And what bit of serendipity led you to the bathroom floor!!? Staring at your feet during one of those moments of unavoidable delay, perhaps??? ;-)

MisfitGirl said...

Haha, god only knows. Up at 2:30 am thinking hmm the lighting in here isn't so bad?

I would photograph on a cat belly if it produced good results.