Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tiny = Cute

I'm pretty sure that's a law of physics.

I just made this Lost Dharma logo ring, and it made me go all 'awwwww'.
Really awww over a logo?


Hopemore Studio said...

Love it, the only thing I thought of was how cool would it be to have the ring next to the word 'lost' in the dictionary...ok perhaps I'm taking it a bit far..LOL.


HubbleSpacePaws said...

I had to go look it up (thank you interwebs) since I didn't watch Lost. Yep, it looks just like it!

My friend, Amy, assures me this is OK because I will now be able to watch in episode after episode on DVD! LOL!!

Christine Edwards said...

You're so right...tiny does equal cute. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Steampunk Charm Exchange. It really was a fantastic swap.

My sister showed me that Alice Halloween cute!

Have a great week!