Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun with Resin

aka How Lisa Cannot Follow Rules

1) Wear gloves when using resin.
Nonsense I can do this without getting it on my hands.
Oh crap I have spilled the resin.
Oh dear I am having issues scraping it off surface.
Oh dammit now it's all over the outsides of the cups.

2) Blow on resin to remove bubbles.
Peeshaw, people use heat guns too with fine results.
Oh dear if you get that too close it blows the resin quite off the piece.

3) Resin somehow hardened correctly.
I think.
Although I'm quite sure I have resin cancer from above issues (please let me note also I didn't wear mask, as I am SuperGirl).

4) Sane enough to elevate pieces as they dried so they wouldn't stick to surface.
Oh but now there are drips underneath I should get rid of.

5) I shall dremel them off!
And look it's all over me and the floor now.
Perhaps we should reconsider doing this outside ... and with a mask.

So after both inhaling resin fumes and dust and as a bonus soaking resin into my skin, I present first resin experiments!


kleinwort said...

Rules are for wimps!
Real women just jump in and get the job done. (Ok, and wind up with messes, lungs full of dust and resin toxicity, too. But real women don't care about that stuff.)

Nice job!

kleinwort said...


The cats arrived yesterday! I love them. The little guy with the flowers is going to my neighbor, who helped find my cat Chester, when he made his daring escape from Casa Kleinwort! While I really like them all, I love mummy cat!

MisfitGirl said...

I'm so glad they arrived safely!! You are after my own heart, I love little mummy cat. Thank you so much for buying from me sweetheart!

kleinwort said...

My pleasure! I showed your blog and etsy site to a friend a work (who does jewelry) today. She really likes your work. At her suggestion, I'm taking them in to show off tomorrow. ;-)


Lisa West said...

Very comical. Hope your ok. The pieces are great.Lisa