Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ooh la la

A combination of an old and new technique which I am so liking. The square flower may stay with me!


jane said...

Ooh la la Sydney, you are really growing up!

Those flowers are very good, nice simple design :)

kleinwort said...

Agreed, jane! On design and miss sidney.

Hmmmm... wonder how miss sidney would look in a delicate collar with a special emblem made by her mum??? Cute I bet!

But what am I saying? I've got 4 indoor girls and gave up on collars years ago!


Lisa West said...

Do you just lay the foil over the clay. I use airdry clay and usually a glaze after inking or painting. I'm just wondering how to use foil. I just play around and make "faux seals" for scrapbooking. Nice to find you. Lisa