Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is why they call me Sid Vicious


kleinwort said...

"Dis fud iz MINE! U goez way!"
sez miz sid, de vicious!

How adorable! How are she and Miss Zoe getting on these days?


MisfitGirl said...

Teehee. Sidney is a boy, as about 75% of orange kittys are boys .. girls aren't rare just about 1 in 4.

Sidney is a bit of a terror and no on in the house (I also have two more Desi & Lucy) is particularly fond of him.

Zoe is his best bet if he would just calm down a bit as she is my sweetest.

kleinwort said...

LOL! Don't know why I assumed Sidney was a girl... wait, yes I do, I know two Sidneys, and they're both women. Drat these names that trancend gender! ;-)

So Sid's a real cyclone, eh? Well, they do tend to calm down as they get older. Hope that he settles in soon... it hasn't been that long. We always want one big happy family.

Would love to see Desi & Lucy one day! I had a Gomez & Morticia for years (both black cats). Unfortunately Gomez is no longer with us, but Tish is doing well. She's one of 5 kittehs... looks like we're both edging perilously close to crazy cat lady status!

jane said...

Nice one Sidney, that food is yours! I love the little grizzly noises a kitten makes when letting you know it's displeased!