Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Discovering the faucet

Click for teeny tiny drops of water on fur


kleinwort said...

Doooh! Drippy Sidney! Be careful you haven't unleashed a monster, Mom!

One of my cats, Bitty, was a pregnant stray my colleagues and I rescued at work. I fostered (lucky me!) and she had 7.

Do you know their forever parents report that to a kitteh, they are all water freaks?? LOL! The sound of water, even a tiny drip, brings them running. I understand shower/bath time has become challenging in some households!

MisfitGirl said...


My little one that died LOVED to drink out of the faucet, so it makes me warm and fuzzy to see that Sidney is picking up the habit too.

kleinwort said...

A little bit of channeling goin' on there!? ;-)

jane said...

Oh Miss Sidney, soon I think you will not fit in that sink, you really are growing up fast!