Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's been such a short time

Only two months since I lost Atticus, but it does seem forever. I wanted to post some old pics that make me smile (and cry a little, and sometimes a lot).

The very last picture I took of him below. If I had only known I would have taken a bajillion more. It's funny Atticus used to love to nurse in my hair, now Sidney has the habit of trying to eat my hair while I'm sleeping. In that sleepy state I will reach up and think it's Atty.
I miss you baby.


PhDCow said...

He was such a sweet little boy.

kleinwort said...

Your darlin' will always be with you in spirit! I'm sure Sidney doesn't mind standing in, from time to time, here in the physical realm.

MisfitGirl said...

Thank you my good friends, your words mean so much.