Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bind It All

I purchased a Bind It All a few months and of course stared at it for a few months. But I just lost my job this week, and we all know what happens when unemployment occurs around the holidays, homemade gifts! *insert groan here*

I made a book for my mom. I also made one for my cousin with her pets, but neglected to take pictures before I wrapped it up so I'll have to get some pictures after she opens it.

I'll just spread out the pages in the next few posts, cause I know the excitement will kill you. Hee.

I have this fabulous handmade paper that I simply adore. You know the kind of item that you loved and hate to use because you WILL NEVER HAVE IT AGAIN?!

I hand inked all the inside pages with Tim Holtz's technique of distress inks and water. I love that look and use it on everything.

So off we go ... You know but before we go I have to say Blogger has the worst photo uploader EVER. Now we continue on our regular program.

This is the front cover. It it's got polka dots I love it.

The inside cover

Me, my mom and that furry blurry thing in her lap was our dog Duke

My papaw, and the passer-oner of my curly hair gene.
I found out much later in my life that without his financial help we would have had a hard time making it.
He was our hero.

My mom and her sister who passed away 2 years ago.

To be continued ...


Hopemore Studio said...

Very sweet gift, but so sorry to hear you are unemployed, I hope it is just for a short time.


MisfitGirl said...

Thank you Angie, I'm try to stay positive about it.

Hopemore Studio said...

Hi Lisa,
I saw you asked about my pendants, yes I do photo transfers, mostly for the local bead shop and friends. It is a decent way to 'pay' for Christmas every year...LOL I try to sell on Etsy but I find my motivation very low. You do well and I'm glad to see that.

MisfitGirl said...

Thanks Angie. I've had my slow times too when I just want to give it up, it really comes and goes in waves. I just enjoy making the items, so I realize I'm not going to make a huge profit but it's nice when someone wants to buy something!