Monday, December 7, 2009

Where did all this s**t come from?

You run across that product you were SO EXCITED to buy and try, and then you bring it home and stare at it. And stare at it some more. Then you send it to live with the Island of Misfit Craft Products.

Rudolph and Santa freed Pearl Ex for a moment today.

Pearl Ex: So Pretty
Pearl Ex: Such a pain in the ass to use

I do (err did) use it with clay and liquid clay, but when it came to paper crafts not so much.
For it to adhere you have to mix it with some varnish, oil or acrylic.
I'm not normally lacquering my cards or books, so there it sat.

I'm making a little Xmas gift book for a present and ran across some Jolene embellishments of autumn leaves. Boooring colors.

See for yourself

So I almost reached for my Perfect Pearls which will set with water, but the lonesome Pearl Ex cried out to me. So I took a dab and mix them with an acrylic vanish and VIOLA!

The green really shows up the best in pictures, but they are all equally pretty.
Pearl Ex you may have more use out of you yet.

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