Monday, March 8, 2010

"A Compendium of Curiosities" by Tim Holtz

Just received mine in the mail last week. I am such a fan of Tim; I'm always in awe of his creations and his seemingly limitless ideas. The book is divided into five sections, and comes in a nice spiral bound style that will lay flat on your work table.

Tools: Covers the line of tools offered by Ranger and Tim, pretty much all the standard items we either own or covet.

Ideas: Gets a little bit more in depth about Tim's line both new and old, and offers some suggestions on what you can use them for. Not my favorite part of the book, one page per item with a small pictures included for the project ideas.

Techniques: Now this was my pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow. It covers pretty much every technique Tim has compiled over the years, with simple instructions and pictures. I would have much preferred more of this section than the "Ideas" one.

Gallery: Your standard photo gallery showing off some of the techniques and findings used in the book.

Suppliers: A small list of the manufactures of the products but it does not include any independent stores that sell the products online or in brick and mortar stores. So meh, not so helpful.

Tim also added a little page for "Notes to Self" but just one page, a few more pages of these cute pages would have been nice.

Overall I pretty much love everything Tim produces and this book is no exception, I've already been playing around with the alcohol inks on some ornate metal frames I have.
Fun and messy, the best combination for creating.

I found mine here with the cheapest price and affordable shipping.

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