Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Evil Queen is here

I am Lisa. I collect premium statues cherished in the geeky community, think of the show The Big Bang Theory :-). Well the most beautiful of them all arrived today so I had to share, she is exquisite. This is the exclusive edition limited to 300 worldwide, my girl is 248. I fully expect all these acquisitions to finance my retirement.


Hopemore Studio said...

Lisa, I think your statues are fantastic. This coming from another geek who collects Star Trek ornaments and has a whole area devoted to them each Christmas.

I hope they do fund your retirement, but unfortunately doesn't that mean you will have to sell them?

I jokingly tell my husband that would be disappointed if he sold them after my passing..LOL. Now dear hubby is someone who still has baseball cards and comics (and comic figure statues) from his youth so he probably doesn't realize I'm joking.


MisfitGirl said...

See I knew I had a fellow geek friend in you! I say finance my retirement, but I wouldn't get rid of them unless I was near being homeless. I tell my friends if up and die don't let my family put these in the garage sale :-)

I'd love to see your display around Christmas though! I'm also a Buffy geek and have quite a few ornaments but they are like little mini busts so I've never put them on the tree.