Sunday, November 7, 2010


I recently adopted/rescued a puppy from a friend's house where she had been abandoned. Many dramas later, she's come to stay with us. And my goodness puppies are such an extreme amount of work compared to kittens, I haven't owned a dog for about 11 years now so it's been a lot of fun and frustration. She learns quickly but has a touch of the sass and stubborn which I am working on.

She's part Boston Terrier part Min Pin. I watched a Dog Whisperer episode the other night that had a segment with each breed and I can say now she definitely favors her Boston side in temperament. Min Pins are notorious barkers, but she hardly utters a peep in fact she's a very good watchdog because she only barks when she senses something outside.

So please say hi to Charley.

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lauriec said...

I *heart* Charley so! The ears & cocked head get me every time!