Monday, November 8, 2010

The Walking Dead

If you're not watching 'The Walking Dead' on AMC please do correct your error and seek it out now. Fabulous zombie series, which has already been renewed for a second season.

They are having a contest for a walk on role as a zombie (are you kidding me, I just peed myself a little) so I was perusing their website and found this Survival Test.

When I first took it I was answering as if one of my answers could kill me, but when I got to the end and saw you didn't die I went back and answered how I'd probably react and I am:

Emotionally Scarred Loner


Have fun - The Walking Dead Survival Test

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Hopemore Studio said...

OMG, my husband had this on last Sunday when I came home! I'm not sure yet if I can get into it...I'm a big baby when it comes to horror flicks (typically watch them through the holes of the afghan that is draped over my head) The show is getting good reviews he said and the story line looks interesting..we'll see.

Glad your back!