Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Verizon Fios

I do hate you so. Roommate decided she was switching cable companies, alright that's a tad annoying because I have to reprogram eleventy billion series recordings but hey that multi room dvr sounds cool! What is a multi room dvr you ask? Well you can watch any of your recorded programs from any tv in the house. Yay?!

Yea not really.

There is a "mother ship" dvr and then the rest of the tvs are set up on satellite boxes.

You cannot pause live tv on the satellite boxes. I almost fainted when I discovered this. Not pause live tv? I try and pause the radio sometimes because I'm so used pausing what I listen to on the tv.

So all done watching that recorded program? Well you should delete it then. Which requires you to get out of bed, go into living room where the main hub is and delete it there.

Say that looks like a good series, I'll set it to record. Oh no you shan't ma'am! Get your ass up because you can't set recordings on satellite boxes.

Who the hell came up with this nutty system? Hate.it.

So now I'll need to order 2 dvrs again so I can go back to my exact same setup, oh yeah and you'll need to set up your recordings again too, twice.


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