Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RIP in Andy 1975-2009

I was shocked to hear that Andy Hallett had died of heart failure on March 29, at the tragically young age of 33. Andy played the part of Lorne on 76 episodes of Angel for 4 years. His onscreen prescense just gave you a fuzzy warm feeling. His character was tender, kind and sarcastically witty.

And in real life he was much the same. After meeting him several times in person I can tell you he was such a pleasure to talk to and had a plethora of funny stories to relate to his fans. You have not laughed until you heard Andy tell the school bus story. Without fail, everytime I saw him he would exclaim "Love your hair!", he was just a joy in person.

He may not have been a well known actor but to his legion of fans, he was a shining star. While Angel was his very first acting role, you never would have known. Even though he was cast as a demon he never made Lorne feel anything less than human.

After losing his battle with heart disease, I am saddened to think I will never have the chance again to laugh so hard I cry at one of Andy's wonderful stories. I'm also saddened that he will never have the chance to tell us any new ones. Thank you for everything Andy, I will miss you so.

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MEWintle said...

Here's the video of the school bus story from Houston Vulkon.

It's in two parts due to the 10 minute YouTube restriction: